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Gene and recombinant protein therapy based on VEGF-C, VEGF-D, and their receptors is a promising new approach for the treatment of serious lymphatic and ischemic diseases and lymphatic spread of cancer metastasis. We validate the therapeutic potential of these approaches in well-established animal models, such as skin lymphedema in the Chy mice, rabbit ear lymphedema model, mouse tail lymphedema model, rabbit hind limb ischemia model, and in the pig myocardium. In addition to the validation of the treatment targets with current vectors, virus vector development is an essential part of our contribution to the consortium whereby better vectors for experimental studies and human therapy will be developed.



Responsible for this project:



Dr. Seppo Ylš-Herttuala

Dept. of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

A.I. Virtanen Institute

University of Kuopio

P.O. Box 1627 (Neulaniementie 2)

70211 Kuopio, Finland

Phone: +358 17 162075

Fax: +358 17 163751

E-mail: seppo.ylaherttuala(at)




Selected recent publications:

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